Not just words... these are facts!!

Our world has come to a point where nature is being demolished by humans. Biodiversity is being changed, water is being contaminated and what we knew to be the amazon rainforest, the lung of Earth, has reduced of more than 20%. There our company has decided to act by Investing and reforesting the land which had been previously used to cultivate other crops.

“Porvenir” is a Spanish word that stands for “the time to come”

In Our Farm, we are always looking forward for a promising future!

El Porvenir is a family owned and operated working pecan farm, with over 20 years experience in agriculture and farming and since 2014 we are chasing our passion for dry fruits. The idea was born with the goal to oppose climate change and to grow healthy food for the human beings. Preserving the beauty of nature is another fundamental objective of our company and this is why our products are 100% Organic.


Everything started with months of market research on where our orchards would best grow. We then bought land which didn’t require deforestation and consequently started with our plan.

The farm is located in Monte Alverne near Santa Cruz do Sul (Rio do Sul, the South Region of Brazil. The conditions of the soil and climate in this region are ideal for the production of pecan nuts. We have 4 varieties in production, chose after years of studies and tests. Varieties with high resistance to disease and pests. This allow us to have a product 100% organic.

Now we have almost 70 hectares planted with pecan trees and our aim is to plant other 200 hectares in a near future.

Since we love nature, we try to take care of our surroundings as much as possible. We plant our fields with a variety of flowers which allows us to have greater pollination for our bees. Furthermore, we will soon have our own raw honey in sale.

From Brazil to the world

We are able to grow many different varieties of pecan, while sometimes it may be hard to pick a favorite.

QUALITY is always the top priority grown at El Porvenir Farm.

Now we are ready to export our product. From Brazil to the World !


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