The Perfect Superfood

Need a good energy source that is easy to digest? A tablespoon of honey contains around 60 calories and is loaded with carbohydrates.


As an antioxidant, honey has the ability to remove free radicals.

Made up of mostly glucose and fructose, honey is easily absorbed and much better for the body.

Honey can help regulate blood sugar, restore glycogen, and boost energy; before and after workouts it is very beneficial.

Honey contain vitamins and minerals as well, something you don’t see in sugar.

Take a look to the color, flavor and appearance of TERRA NOSTRA’s honey, all those factors are controlled by the nectar in our region.

The best thing we love about our honey is the quality and its lifespan.  Because honey has been known to keep forever, the jar on your counter might just outlive YOU.  So eat up!

The more you eat, the healthier you’ll be, that is everything we can say:  EAT MORE HONEY !


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